In Vitro Fertilizasyon

Why do you need to have your in vitro fertilization treatment in Turkey?
The in vitro fertilization procedures in Turkey has been being applied successfully at a higher rate as compared to many European Countries since the ’80s.
Another significant issue besides following the latest technology is the economic dimension.
The cost of the treatment is more economical in Turkey than in many countries of the world.


İRENBE has helped tens of thousands of families to have a child through in vitro fertilization treatment with its staff specialized in their fields and it has been the first private In Vitro Fertilization center of İzmir for 36 years. A personalized treatment method is being applied using the latest technology and a high level of success is achieved in the pregnancy rates.

Could you please summarize your In Vitro Fertilization treatment process?
We can divide the in vitro fertilization treatment process into two as the things you would do in your own country and the things you would do when you arrive in Turkey. You may get ready for your treatment process in Turkey by using the medicines we will prescribe in the country you live regarding the problem in the mother or the father.
Your treatment that your doctor has determined is being applied during the period you would have to be in Turkey and you will be able to go back to your country you live after this process is finalized.

What are the things to do for the treatment before coming to Turkey?
It is sufficient for you to send all the analyses and reports you have and to have the new analyses we currently require from you in your Country and send the results to us. We will evaluate these and send you your prescription and the information on how to use your medicine.

When do you need to come to our center? How will the process continue?
The stage of gathering sperm and eggs after using the medicine must be made on the date that your doctor determines. Therefore, you need to be in Turkey on the date your doctor gives you when your medicines finish. Moreover, you must certainly bring your official documents regarding the fact that you are married due to the legal obligation. The in vitro fertilization cannot be applied without these documents.